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SysHack Available for Purchase Online

SysHack is available for purchase

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Emergency! InfoSec Breach! Hackers have infiltrated the Conglomerate!

SysHack is a social deduction game of intrigue and hacking for 4-8 players. You will only succeed if you find and work with other members of your team. Hack the system, or find the hackers.

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Baon: the Game of Leftovers

In the game of Baon, you and your friends are guests at the end of a Filipino party, taking home delicious leftovers. Each turn, you will either be taking food from the table, or packing food into sets of 3 or more cards, called baons ("bah, owns"). Score points for taking home the best assortment of food.

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Break My Game
Break My Game

Brainstein Games is a proud participant of the Break My Games play testing group in College Park, MD.

BMG is a great place for local gamers and designers to meet up and play their unpublished games. That means you, the gamer, will be helping to improve the game itself.

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